Pittwater to Brisbane – April 2014

Once Freya was completed we started preparations to sail the boat up to Brisbane.  As this was going to be our first true off shore, multi-day sail, we decided to recruit some seasoned sailors to be part of our crew for the journey.  Fortunately, one of our distributers Greg and his sister Deidre were both very experienced. Greg being a very experienced club racer and Deidre having recently crewed on a Sydney to Hobart race boat!  With both of them aboard we knew we would have good company and be in capable hands.

The day we left, the seas were 2 to 3 metre swells and as soon as we left the relative protection of Pittwater we were all immediately very uncomfortable!! However, we didn’t feel conditions were dangerous just very stomach turning!  Off course with any off shore trip in a new to us boat we had our fair share of dramas – broke the main sheet block, ran out of fuel on the primary fuel tank before switching to auxiliary, fouled the main halyard on the new radar reflector all within the first 2 1/2 days!  However, once the weather turned for the better we had a wonderful but slow motor assisted sail for most of the trip with just enough breeze to keep us moving.

We produced a short video of our trip, below:

Sailing Sydney to Brisbane from Jennifer Ussi on Vimeo.

New Caledonia

Prior to our purchase of Freya we had already booked a sailing trip in New Caledonia.  We booked this trip as it was one of the few places that had a Hanse 400e available for charter.  As it turned out we found Freya and completed the purchase before we managed to take this charter.  However, once the charter was booked we couldn’t get out of the deal so we ended up sailing on a Hanse 400 in New Caledonia.  We had a fantastic time.  Our friend Teresa was able to join us for the trip.  We produced a short video of our adventures in New Caledonia.

New Cal2 from Jennifer Ussi on Vimeo.