With Freya nestled into her new berth in Redcliffe we focused on enjoying beautiful Moreton Bay.

The primary update that was still not done on the boat was the installation of a new chart plotter.  We had been unable to complete this update in Pittwater as the latest unit from B&G was still not available in Australia.  Finally the new B&G Zeus 2 became available on the Australian market and I quickly had one installed.  However, despite many assurances that the new chart plotter would be able to interface with the existing Simard IS15 instruments it became frustratingly apparent that this was not the case.   Numerous efforts were made to bridge this electronic gap without luck.  Very frustrating.

For quite some time we simply sailed with the old instruments and the new chart plotter providing position information only.  Well not only – we were able to control the stereo from the chart plotter – thats one expensive remote…

With a new chart plotter installed I moved on to sorting out some of the minor updates the boat required.

  • New LED lighting installed in all interior lamps
  • New LED reading lamps in all of the berths
  • New fenders and mooring lines
  • Additional 12V and 240V outlets fitted
  • New single mixer galley sink faucet
  • New single mixer faucet with shower head in the head
  • Installed a microwave
  • Installed a coffee maker
  • Installed a TV with DC/AC independent power supply in forward berth
  • Installed ventilation fans
  • Added bluetooth streaming capability to the stereo
  • New anchor chain and anchor
  • New sheet bags in cockpit and winch handle holders
  • New cupholders in cockpit

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